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Meeting in Kiev

Minutes from the FORGE meeting in Kiev 31.05 – 02.02.15.

Present: Anna Rovena (Italy), Sergio X. Vasques (Mexico), Cecilia Alvarez Torres, (Mexico), Natasha Lebedeva (Russia), Elena Ivanova (Russia), Dima Ovechkin (Russia), Larysa Didkovska (Ukraine), Arthur Dombrovsky (Latvia), George Smolin (Ukraine), Masha Lekareva (Russia), Inna Didkovska (Ukraine), Pierluca Santoro (Italy), Andrea Zizzari, (Italy), Daan van Baalen (Norway), Gro Skottun (Norway)
Monday: Natasha Olifirovich (Belorussia), Igor Pogodin (Belorussia)

Subjects that were discussed:

1. Changes in the topics clients bring to therapy and the change of clients coming to therapy. Cultural, existential, ethical and therapeutic issues were shared and discussed. 

2. Research in Gestalt therapy was discussed. Daan presented the book “Heart & Soul of Change. Delivering “What Works in Therapy” (2010) by Duncan, Miller, Wampold, Hubble and the CORE project, see British Gestalt Journal, 2001. 20 (2), 22-27. Stevens et al. The UK Gestalt Psychotherapy CORE Research Project. The Findings . Pierluca Santoro presented an article I did not catch the name of.

3. How to go in and with Forge was discussed very long and voted for. 7 institutes voted for continuing (Cesis vote is included) with FORGE, 2 sustained. It was then discussed the amount of board members. It was voted for 5 people in the board including the president with 5 votes for and 2 against (only one from each institutes). It was made a list of possible board members.

4. The voting was secret and each person had 5 votes each. Pierluca Santoro 15 votes, Natasha Lebedeva  13 votes, Larissa Didkovska 13 votes, Arthur Dombrovsky 15 votes, Inna Didkovska 11 votes. The others: Cecilia Alvarez Torres 8 votes, Masha Lekareva 5 votes. 

Arthur Dombrovsky was voted in as a president, everybody agreed. The board organize in between themselves the different functions of the board members. 

The new board for FORGE:
Arthur Dombrovsky - president
Natasha Lebedeva 
Larisa Didkovska
Inna Didkovska
Pierluca Santoro

5. Next meeting is offered by and Anna will be in 2017 Gallipoli, Italy 29, 30, 31 May 2017. It was decided to have a short FORGE meeting on the EAGT conference on Sicilia next September.

ex.president Gro Skottun 

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